Ep 4.13 | I Guess That’s Gym?

Its a sibling duo extravaganza this week, as hosts Abigail, Sam, and Noah are joined once again by Theo, for four former homeschooler’s hot takes on Sam and Dean’s messed up public school education. This heavy SPN episode may try to disguise itself as Dean in a silly pair of gym shorts, but that doesn’t stop us from having honest discussions about the impacts of bullying, how Dean feels more comfortable being neglected, and how educators who care can truly change a young person’s (especially Sam Winchester’s) life.

This episode discusses Season 4, Episode 13: After School Special, through the theme of Neglect.

Content warnings for this episode:

  • Discussions of parental neglect and childhood trauma
  • Discussion of an in episode inappropriate reference to minors
  • Mentions of fatphobia and the impacts of bullying

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