Ep 5.04 | Endverse Hits Different

This week, Noah, August, and Elayna welcome back guest host & fandom scholar Valerie for a deep dive into the legendary episode, The End. We talk about Destiel dynamics at the end of the world, how much we think Chuck really does or doesn’t know at this point in the narrative, and how Jared really deserves his flowers for playing *checks notes* Satan? 😅

This episode discusses Season 5, Episode 4: The End through the lens of the Five of Bones card from the Supernatural tarot deck.

To learn more about Val’s work and designs, check out linktr.ee/spottedhound!

Visit here to learn more about the Supernatural Tarot Deck!

Please note that this show contains content and discussions that may be inappropriate for those under 18. Listen with discretion.

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